New Audiobook!

My first mini-anthology, Misfits & Oddities, is now available as an audiobook. I’m super excited by the fact that this anthology was read by one of my favorite narrators, Stefan Rudnicki! I’m fairly confident that the first books I heard read by Stefan Rudnicki were from Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game series, and I’ve been... Continue Reading →

After Storming Area 51

The print version of my mini-anthology, After Storming Area 51, is available now! The digital version will still be released on 9/19/19, but thanks to Amazon's two-day delivery, you could have to read in a couple of days. There will even be an audio version available on Audible soon! Order Now!

Trial & Error

I’m the type of person that will push on a door twice before stopping to read the sign that says pull. It appears that I’ve taken the same approach to join the world of indie authors. If you are following my writing and publishing, bear with me; I’m learning as I go. I used the... Continue Reading →

Angels – Dark Drabbles #2 Released!

The second book of dark drabbles, Angels: A Divine Microfiction Anthology, is now available on Amazon! Five of my drabbles are featured in the collection. (Soul Eaters, Last Moments, Fresh Meat, The Sacrifice & Crazy Woman) Beatific angels, holy wars, kitty saviors, epic battles between good and evil, devils and demons, fallen angels and many... Continue Reading →

New Release!

Nomadic Delirium Press released two of my stories under a single title today, Two For One: Lunch Gone Wrong & Greater Need. Lunch Gone Wrong was originally published in The Martian Wave: 2017, and Greater Need was published in The Martian Wave: 2018. For 99 cents you can have a digital copy of both stories.... Continue Reading →

Misfits & Oddities Released!

Misfits & Oddities is available on Amazon! A print copy will be available in the next couple of days. Now I’m going to check on producing an audio version. If you like to know more about the mini-anthology, click the link and read the description. While you’re at it, click the buy now button! Misfits... Continue Reading →

A Quick Update

Can you believe that this year is half over already? Not only is time flying by but life changing events keep happening at an alarming pace. Before this year is over, my second grand child will be born, and shortly after the calendar changes to 2020, my youngest daughter will give birth to my third... Continue Reading →

2018 Under Scrutiny

I had hopes of writing another science fiction novel this year, but I never got past the outline. A green check-mark can be placed by my other goals for the year. I did manage to publish a few more blog posts, and I definitely wrote at least a short story every month. Eighteen short stories... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Jouth Anthology!

I wanted to take a few moments to share a little about an anthology that will be released the first of November. It will include my short story, Old World Problems, which I believe is among my best work. The protagonist in my story is a cynical and hard-boiled private detective working on a space... Continue Reading →

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