Randomness – March 7, 2021

I’ll make a post soon on a new project I’m working on. However, It is mentioned in this post. 😉

Sue Marie St. Lee

Random Thoughts/Irritations:

  • On following your blog…
    • If you do not allow me to click the “follow” button without requiring my email address, I will not follow your blog. Many bloggers give an option for the reader to surrender their email address. I prefer having the option.

Unfinished books – reading, not writing

  • False Memory” by Dean Koontz
    • Out of curiosity and having never read one of Koontz’s books, I borrowed this from my library in Kindle format. Perhaps my expectations were too high based on Koontz’s popularity, but, I could not finish this book. I could not develop an interest in his characters even after reading to its halfway point. It boils down to a matter of taste and Koontz’s writing does not appeal to me.
  • Blackwater: The Complete Saga” by Michael McDowell
    • I do not recall how I ran across this book, but am happy…

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