2020 Review & Expectations for 2021

 I’m not real sure what to say about my writing output for 2020. I started with the goal of publishing in twelve different print anthologies and twelve stories online, but I decided during the summer to edit a book my father wrote in the 80s. I focused on the editing for a couple of months, but work called, and I lost my resolve.

I was accepted for the twelve anthologies, but one of the publishers sucked me into a political discussion, and I ended up being dropped for disagreeing with him. I was only three stories away from my online goal, but I published a few stories on my blog, so I guess you could say that I did meet my publishing goals. I usually publish between thirty and forty thousand words a year, but for the year of 2020, I published less than fifteen thousand words.

I consider Poe-ish Tales Forevermore my greatest accomplishment for the year of 2020. If you happen to go to the Poe Museum in Richmond, VA, look through the books in their library, and you will find a copy of this anthology. Or you could just go buy a copy for yourself from Amazon.

I believe that goals are important, but you have to be careful not to set yourself up for failure. If you make your goals too easy, you lose the opportunity to challenge yourself and develop your talents. On the other hand, setting unattainable goals will leave you discouraged and feeling inadequate. I’m going to list my goals below, so feel free to tell me what you think in the comments.

Goal 1: I edited about half of my dad’s book, Smoke of the Fire, last summer. I’m going to try and finish this project this year.

Goal 2: I want to write at least twelve stories to submit to professional publishers. I almost made my first professional sale in 2015, but the publisher ultimately decided to pass when they were making their final decisions. I consider getting that far an honor since most professional publishers have a rejection rate of over 99%.

Goal 3: I will write a few drabbles and 500-word stories when the mood hits, but I’m not going to set a publishing goal here since I want to focus on my dad’s book and getting accepted into my first professional market.

Goal 4: At some point this year I will publish at least one more mini-anthology. It could be a collection of previously published stories, or I may do another collaboration with a few of my writing friends. We will just have to see what the year brings.

I’ve got some writing to do, so let’s get 2021 started. If you haven’t noticed, the days are already falling off the calendar.

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