50-word Stories

Mrs. Obvious

Jack stared at the gypsy’s blind eyes as she traced the lines in his palm with an arthritis twisted finger. “You’ve been married for years… Your life is full of stress.”

“You got all that from my palm?”

The fortune-teller fluttered her eyelids. “No, that was the worn wedding band.”


The Waiting

 The family gathered in the waiting room and waited for news. The hours passed slowly, nurses walked up and down the halls, and family members took turns pacing the floor. Boredom turned to impatience, and tempers flared, but everything changed when they were all introduced to a five-pound ten-ounce girl.


What Now

Marc looked around the empty house and sighed. The divorce was finally over. Was he ready for another relationship? He searched his heart and found only numbness.

Someone knocked softly. When he opened the door, Suzan held up a bag full of tacos. He smiled and thought, maybe I am.



Carl refused to wear a mask. Besides, his favorite news commentators said that the requirement was a power grab– meant to teach the masses to follow without question. His pastor said that believers had nothing to fear, but it was at his mother’s funeral that he learned WHO was right.

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