Smoke of the Fire

I wanted to take a moment and tell everyone about my current project. Some of you may have thought that I had fallen off the planet or that the mother ship finally came back for me. The answer to both is no. Gravity still holds my feet to the surface, and if the mother ship has returned, they decided to leave me here.

During the 80s, my father wrote a book he titled Smoke of the Fire. Though he tried many times, he was unable to find a publisher for his book. I’m extremely thankful that we no longer have to submit our manuscripts through the postal service as he did then. I’m the type that will submit a story and refresh my email ten minutes later to see if the publisher has responded yet. Sitting on my thumbs waiting for an answer to appear in my mailbox would’ve driven me nuts. Thank God for the internet.

            Hopefully, soon I’ll have the cover art to share with you, but for now, I will share with you what I can. I’m excited to be working on my father’s book, and I think people will enjoy reading it!

Smoke of the Fire – Synopsis

Thousands of years before the Europeans came to North America, the Native Americans called it home. Since they didn’t have a written language, what little we know of their lives was passed down orally and pieced together by archaeologists. The rest of their story is left to our imaginations. Smoke of the Fire is the story of two young braves discovering what it means to be a man and trying to find their own path in life. It is often hard to tell if that path is chosen by others, fate, or ourselves. Smoke of the Fire offers the reader a glimpse into the daily lives of Native Americans and invites the reader on a journey into adulthood

Author bio:

Leonard Moore was born in Hornersville, Missouri and is a Vietnam era Army veteran. He worked in the field of industrial maintenance for the majority of his career. History and archaeology have been lifelong subjects of study and passion for him. He is currently enjoying his retirement and lives in Benson, Arizona.

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