Trial & Error

I’m the type of person that will push on a door twice before stopping to read the sign that says pull. It appears that I’ve taken the same approach to join the world of indie authors. If you are following my writing and publishing, bear with me; I’m learning as I go.

I used the graphics and templates offered by KDP, Kendle’s Direct Publishing, to create the covers for my mini-anthologies, Misfits & Oddities and After Storming Area 51. Both of these mini-anthologies now have contracts for audio productions. This created a need for a cover that would meet ACX’s, Audiobook Creation Exchange, requirements.

This wasn’t my first problem using KDP. If you compare the current digital and print covers for Misfits & Oddities, you will notice that the colors are different. They tell you in their instruction video to write down your color choices and font styles so that you can make them match. Unfortunately, the color block they give you while setting up each cover is not in the same order, and since I am partially colorblind, this task became a guessing game for me.

When I discovered that the covers created using KDP could not be used by ACX, I asked KDP for permission to alter the graphics. Their response was simply to tell me that you are not allowed to use your book covers on merchandise, and that they will not work for audiobook covers. You would think there’d be a little cooperation between the two.

I have acquired the services of a graphics designer to create new covers for both of my anthologies so that all three will match. In the future, I will be buying graphics for anything I’m going to release first. If I found someone offering a great deal on graphics, I might even buy the graphics before writing the stories.

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