Upcoming Jouth Anthology!

I wanted to take a few moments to share a little about an anthology that will be released the first of November. It will include my short story, Old World Problems, which I believe is among my best work. The protagonist in my story is a cynical and hard-boiled private detective working on a space habitat. I wrote the story around the same time as I published the blog post Writing and Relationships. I’d suggest reading the blog post after reading the story.

A few of the authors have sent me quick pitches for their stories, and you’ll find those below. If other authors send me a pitch, I’ll update this post and include it. For your convenience, I’ve Googled the authors I haven’t heard from and included links to their author pages or their Amazon profile if I found one.

So, read through the information below and check out the authors, and don’t forget to leave yourself a reminder to pick up the anthology on the first of November!


Asylum by Erwin Lale

Light in the Dark by Robert N. Stephenson

Robert’s Website

Hoplite by Patrick S. Baker

Pitch: Hoplite, an FTL warship, guided by a human consciousness, travels to the new colony planet, Asgard. The crew finds the human colony wiped out. While investigating, Hoplite and crew are attacked by an unknown enemy and must fight for their lives.

Patrick’s Amazon Profile

The Girl on Platform Two by Ray Daley

I was inspired by an image I saw on Deviant Art. Benjamin Carre – The Day the Wires Came Down.

Ray’s Inspiration

Give Up the Ghost by Julie Frost

Russell Fisk and the crew of the Inquisitive Tamandua don’t like transporting live cargo, so when they’re hired to take a graveyard to the edge of the system and space it, they’re hoping for a nice easy trip with no complications. But now they’ve got angry feds on their tail and angrier ghosts on board the ship, and their very survival is in question unless they can placate the unquiet dead.

Julie’s Website

One Last Payday by P.A. Cornell

Pitch: Vega dreams of a better life off Earth and when she’s finally offered a job that pays well enough to make her dreams reality, she jumps at the chance. But there’s no such thing as easy money and she soon finds herself neck-deep in more trouble than she ever expected.

P.A. Cornell’s Website

Old World Problems by Eddie D. Moore

You found me already!

Legal Ground by Gregg Chamberlain

Gregg’s Amazon Profile

Where the Tunnel Ends by John A. Frochio

An exploratory team on an alien planet discovers a complex maze of tunnels under a dead city.  Soon they find themselves running from an onslaught of alien zombies while trying to uncover the mystery of how to get out of the maze.

John’s Website

John’s Amazon Profile

Church Plant by Josh Strand

Waiting on Redmarch by Eric Del Carlo

Eric’s Amazon Profile

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