Excuses and More Excuses

I planned on writing a new blog post at the end of each month this year. As you can see, things have not gone according to plan. A quarterly update may work better for me anyway. Besides, I’d much rather write something that could potentially earn a little cash or perhaps a cup of coffee.


Excuse #1: My first grandchild was born on 12/28/2017. She is a true blessing and absolutely beautiful. I find that I’m a bit obsessed with her and much of my free time has shifted to being grandpa. I regret nothing.

Excuse #2: I need to find a time that I can have a couple hours of uninterrupted time to write. I used to wake up early and write before everyone else crawled out from under the sheets and the day becomes a flurry of activity. I may have to go back to that, but I really hate mornings. Mornings are fine when I wake up on my own unfortunately this hasn’t been the case lately.

Excuse #3: I found a new hobby last fall that I’m finding very rewarding. Making wine is a lot of fun and delicious. I’ve been told that every writer needs a steady supply of alcohol and the hobby is much cheaper than the liquor store. In fact, I’m currently enjoying a glass of apple wine while typing out this post, so if you find any mistakes, we can both blame it for my apparent failure, ignorance or inadequacy. Just one final tidbit, I currently have about 20 gallons in process. That’s a lot of writing fuel!

A few weeks ago, I wrote several hundred words of a piece that I hope will be the beginning of my second novel. I’m also in the middle of a short story that I plan on submitting to Fantasia Divinity for their charity anthology to benefit the American Cancer Society. Cancer robbed our family of my maternal grandfather in 1986. He was a man full of love and very dear to me. Over 30 years later, he is still missed. Donating a little of my time to fight this thief of love and time is no sacrifice at all. I consider the opportunity an honor. Hopefully, my story will be well received and chosen to be included in the anthology.

So far this year, I’ve had five stories accepted for publication, which means that I am on track to at least match the number of stories and words published last year. Despite the numbers, I feel like I’m falling behind and that this year is slipping away, so for the foreseeable future, I plan on setting an alarm and pounding away on my computer. Is 5 a.m. too early for a glass of wine?


Published by: Eddie D. Moore

Eddie D. Moore travels extensively for work, and he spends much of that time listening to audio books. The rest of the time is spent dreaming of stories to write and he spends the weekends writing them. His stories have been published by Jouth Webzine, Saturday Night Reader, Every Day Fiction, Theme of Absence, Flash Fiction Magazine, and Adventure Worlds. He can be followed on Twitter @EddieMoore27

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