Randomness – March 7, 2021

I’ll make a post soon on a new project I’m working on. However, It is mentioned in this post. 😉

Sue Marie St. Lee

Random Thoughts/Irritations:

  • On following your blog…
    • If you do not allow me to click the “follow” button without requiring my email address, I will not follow your blog. Many bloggers give an option for the reader to surrender their email address. I prefer having the option.

Unfinished books – reading, not writing

  • False Memory” by Dean Koontz
    • Out of curiosity and having never read one of Koontz’s books, I borrowed this from my library in Kindle format. Perhaps my expectations were too high based on Koontz’s popularity, but, I could not finish this book. I could not develop an interest in his characters even after reading to its halfway point. It boils down to a matter of taste and Koontz’s writing does not appeal to me.
  • Blackwater: The Complete Saga” by Michael McDowell
    • I do not recall how I ran across this book, but am happy…

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2020 Review & Expectations for 2021

 I’m not real sure what to say about my writing output for 2020. I started with the goal of publishing in twelve different print anthologies and twelve stories online, but I decided during the summer to edit a book my father wrote in the 80s. I focused on the editing for a couple of months,... Continue Reading →

Alone for Christmas

The lights in the garland slowly flashed on the hearth, and the coals in the fireplace still filled the room with warmth even though the flames had died out. Jan took a sip of her spiced wine as she glanced out the window to see if it was still snowing. She smiled when she saw... Continue Reading →

Misfits & Oddities Giveaway

Oct. 11th is the last day that Misfits & Oddities. To celibrate the release of Poe-ish Tales Forevermore, I decided to offer Misfits & Oddities for free over the weekend. Over 70 people have taken advantage of the giveaway, and Misfits & Oddities, as I write this post, is currently #10 in One-Hour Literature &... Continue Reading →

Edgar Allan Poe’s Death Date

Whimsical Words

On October 7, 1849, Edgar Allan Poe died.

  At the time, it’s unlikely his friends, family, or professional associates knew the impact he’d have on writing, or how fondly he’d be remembered more than 150 years after his death. Many think of Poe as the father of murder mysteries, science fiction short stories, and horror short stories. Poe certainly penned some of the most memorable lines of poetry and invented that marvelous word: tintinnabulation. And though he was not buried alive (one of his supposed fears), he was buried twice!

I’ve always loved Poe’s work. His stories are dark and haunting without being overly graphic. The images I imagine when reading Poe are frightening enough, that I don’t need buckets of blood to be terrified.

This Edgar Allan Poe’s Death Date, I celebrate with the publication of Poe-ish Tales Forevermore. The min-antho begins with one of my…

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Poe-ish Tales Forevermore

A couple of months ago, I visited the Poe Museum in Richmond, VA. I listened to several of Edgar Allan Poe's short stories in preparation for my visit. His short stories were amazing, and I discovered at the museum that he lived an interesting life. The experience left me feeling inspired, and I soon discovered... Continue Reading →


Don't miss out on this first-time offer to download and read, "After Storming Area 51" on the one-year anniversary of the non-event.   This book is rising in popularity and won't be free for long! Click on either image below to go to this book's page on Amazon. The Blurb: Unless you’ve been living under... Continue Reading →

50-word Stories

Mrs. Obvious Jack stared at the gypsy’s blind eyes as she traced the lines in his palm with an arthritis twisted finger. “You’ve been married for years… Your life is full of stress.” “You got all that from my palm?” The fortune-teller fluttered her eyelids. “No, that was the worn wedding band.” ****** The Waiting... Continue Reading →

Turning Points

            “Are you possessed by a demon? You really expect me to believe that you’re from the future.”             “Yes, but look at it this way. I’m not asking you to do anything you haven’t done before.”             Bar-Simon’s face reddened and his voice rose in anger. “I’ve never betrayed any of my friends! What... Continue Reading →

IDVD Public Service Announcement

Do you suffer from an itch that you cannot scratch? Have you been startled from a sound sleep by movement under the skin of your perineum? Have you received 2nd-degree burns and/or been hospitalized attempting to urinate? You are not alone. Since the development of miniature inter-dimensional gates, the number of reported cases of IDVD... Continue Reading →

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