Don't miss out on this first-time offer to download and read, "After Storming Area 51" on the one-year anniversary of the non-event.   This book is rising in popularity and won't be free for long! Click on either image below to go to this book's page on Amazon. The Blurb: Unless you’ve been living under... Continue Reading →

50-word Stories

Mrs. Obvious Jack stared at the gypsy’s blind eyes as she traced the lines in his palm with an arthritis twisted finger. “You’ve been married for years… Your life is full of stress.” “You got all that from my palm?” The fortune-teller fluttered her eyelids. “No, that was the worn wedding band.” ****** The Waiting... Continue Reading →

Turning Points

            “Are you possessed by a demon? You really expect me to believe that you’re from the future.”             “Yes, but look at it this way. I’m not asking you to do anything you haven’t done before.”             Bar-Simon’s face reddened and his voice rose in anger. “I’ve never betrayed any of my friends! What... Continue Reading →

IDVD Public Service Announcement

Do you suffer from an itch that you cannot scratch? Have you been startled from a sound sleep by movement under the skin of your perineum? Have you received 2nd-degree burns and/or been hospitalized attempting to urinate? You are not alone. Since the development of miniature inter-dimensional gates, the number of reported cases of IDVD... Continue Reading →

Smoke of the Fire

I wanted to take a moment and tell everyone about my current project. Some of you may have thought that I had fallen off the planet or that the mother ship finally came back for me. The answer to both is no. Gravity still holds my feet to the surface, and if the mother ship... Continue Reading →

Writing Sources

I’ve had several people asked me where I get my ideas for stories. The answer is fairly simple, everywhere. I’ve got over 100 notes saved for future stories. When inspiration hits, I have to take note of it, or I will forget it ten minutes later. I recently dreamed that I could see magic pooling... Continue Reading →

A Glance Back & Full Speed Ahead

The year 2019 was loaded with personal drama and some major life changes, but it turned out to be my most productive year as an author so far. I published or have contracted to publish 43,500 words in 110 stories. It was truly an awesome year! My self-set goal last year was to publish in... Continue Reading →

New Audiobook!

My first mini-anthology, Misfits & Oddities, is now available as an audiobook. I’m super excited by the fact that this anthology was read by one of my favorite narrators, Stefan Rudnicki! I’m fairly confident that the first books I heard read by Stefan Rudnicki were from Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game series, and I’ve been... Continue Reading →

After Storming Area 51

The print version of my mini-anthology, After Storming Area 51, is available now! The digital version will still be released on 9/19/19, but thanks to Amazon's two-day delivery, you could have to read in a couple of days. There will even be an audio version available on Audible soon! Order Now!

Trial & Error

I’m the type of person that will push on a door twice before stopping to read the sign that says pull. It appears that I’ve taken the same approach to join the world of indie authors. If you are following my writing and publishing, bear with me; I’m learning as I go. I used the... Continue Reading →

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